16 Lovely Facts About Falling In Love Only Lovers Know

Although love comes in various forms from childhood to old age. However, falling in love with someone is a kind of different feeling one must feel in their life. Falling in love comes with an overwhelming...

Decoded Facts About Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)

CAB which stands for Citizenship Amendment Bill, is a legislation passed by the parliament of India on December 11th, 2019. The amendment in the bill has become a hot debate topic in India and around the world...

16 Surprising Historical Facts You Won’t Learn Anywhere

We all have studied different sorts of history about different people with different cultures in different contexts from Mayan civilization to the modern World War 2. However, there are many less known facts...

15 Surprising Facts About Steve Jobs

Rarely, we would find someone in this century who doesn’t know about Steve Jobs, the same guy who co-founded Apple. He was one among the few legends who became billionaire on account of his...

14 Astonishing Facts About Christmas

Christmas is a festival of winter celebrated around the world in different ways. Snow brings the charm of Christmas. Especially for kids, it is one of their favourite festival, after all they receive gifts...





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