Less Known Facts About Sanskrit To Blow Your Mind

Sanskrit is among the oldest languages of the world which still exists today in its purest form. The old scriptures that exist today are found to be mostly written in Sanskrit, which traces its roots to...

14 Unheard Facts About TikTok That Will Make You Think Twice

In our daily life, along with technology, the choice of entertainment is changing frequently. Among social media platforms, Tiktok, the Chinese app has gained huge popularity, especially in youth in a very...

Astonishing Superb Facts About StartUps Every Entrepreneur Must Know

The Startup industry plays a major role in a growing economy. These industries provide a lifeline to new ideas that can cultivate into successful products/services and result in ample opportunities for the...

11 Simple Facts To Protect You Against COVID-19

COVID-19 or N-Corona Virus is a major pandemic of this century infecting over 400,000 people worldwide with numbers still rising. The COVID-19 originated in China and spread across the globe through various...

Decoded Facts About Corona Virus You Should Know

The Corona virus outbreak is an ongoing epidemic spreading across the world recently originated from China. Till April 27th 2020, more than 2.95 million have been infected by nCoV (Novel Corona virus) and with...





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