Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions below and our answers to them. If you have some questions not answered here, feel free to contact us.

What is FactWish?

FactWish is a one stop site which provides interesting and unique facts on anything around the world. Different facts represent different topics which enhance your skills and knowledge in an all round manner.

I want to write for FactWish. How do I start?

Congrats! You can contribute to us by submitting your unique content through our Contact Us page. If you have a writing habit and want your facts to be seen by people then you are welcomed at FactWish. If you want your site content to be featured at FactWish, make sure to provide the link as well.

Can I take facts from your site?

Why not? You are welcome to take our content and use it in your site. But, please make it clear that the facts have been referred from FactWish.

Where do you get the facts that you use in FactWish?

We do not refer to a single source for facts. We search for it everywhere and publish it on FactWish only if its validity is justified for truthfulness. 

I have a suggestion for your site. How do I contact you?

Wow! We would love your suggestions. That is the best way what our readers love the most. Feel free to give your suggestions by sending us your Ideas!

One of your facts is incorrect, How can I report this?

Humans make mistakes, and we too are one of them. Although we publish facts on FactWish with detailed analysis. But, if you have found a fact that you think is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll check that fact further. If the fact reported is incorrect, we will replace it with a different one.

Why did FactWish site was started?

FactWish site was started in 2017, with a goal to share the unique and amazing facts that are useful for most people around the world. Although there are many sites that shows facts, but none of them guarantees their correctness. Facts are distributed across sites. Some shows facts on psychology only, while some represents facts on space. We came with an idea to collect facts on interested topics but all at a single place to provide an ease to readers. 

If I subscribe your newsletter, will you spam?

We maintain a separate confidential record of all our subscribers. We send newsletter to our subscribers once every month with the most popular facts rated by people. Don’t worry.  We won’t spam you.

I’m having trouble with your site. Can you fix it?

None of the site is 100% perfect. If you faced an issue with FactWish, feel free to contact on our Contact Us page. We’ll respond you on your email within 48 hours in case the problem is genuine.

Please make sure to provide following things while contacting us:

  • The webpage link on which you are facing the issue.
  • Brief Description about the exact issue your’re facing.
  • On which platform (Mobile/PC/Tablet) you’re facing the issue.
  • The browser on which this issue is detected along with the version number.
Can I request facts on …………..?

Definitely! you’re welcome to do so. You can request facts on anything you want. If we like the sound of it, we’ll research on that topic and release an article for you on FactWish. To request facts on specific article, contact us and write “I want to request facts on …. Topic” in subject.

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