Facts about Black Holes

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Black Holes

We all are familiar with the famous word “Black Hole” from variety of sources, especially from science fiction movies. We assume that a black hole is a big vacuum that pulls everything inward. Well, that’s not true. Some famously known black holes are Cygnus X-1, Centaurus A, M87 and Sagittarius A*. Black holes exist from millions of years and will continue to expand. Our solar system is also formed as result of a massive black hole. Today, at FactWish we’ve collected few less known facts about Black Holes in memory of famous scientist Stephen Hawking. Lets get started.

1. Black Holes are not vacuums, rather they pull things because of very high gravitational pull.

Black Holes are not vacuums

2. If you’ll go near black hole, then its extreme gravitational pull will freeze the time and warp the space around you.

Black Holes freeze time and space

3. The closest Black Hole to our Earth is 1,600 light years away.

Closest Black Hole to our Earth is 1,600 light years away

4. Black Holes are invisible. They can even pull the light rays inside them.

Black Holes are invisible

5. We can convert anything into a Black Hole if its size can be reduced to the fullest with enough mass concentrated at centre.

Black Holes have dense mass at centre

6. Scientists predict that there are millions of Black Holes in space from small to extremely big in size.

Millions of black holes exist in space

7. Black Holes also spin similar to planets and some stars as the core of black holes continue to collapse.

Black holes also spin

8.  Any matter that comes into contact of these giant holes is stretched indefinitely.

Black hole stretch anything in their field

9. Some Super-massive giant black holes also give birth to new stars after spitting out the matter sometimes.

Black holes can give birth to new galaxy

10. Black holes were first predicted by Albert Einstein and discovered by John Wheelers.

Black hole discovery

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