Facts about Indus Valley Civilization

9 Astonishing Facts About Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley civilization also known as “Harappa-Mohenjo daro” or “Rama Civilization” is one of the ancient known civilizations. These civilizations were not only old but also technically advanced at that period of time. Today at FactWish, we’ll be discussing the interesting facts about this civilization which now comes under areas of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

1. Indus Valley civilization is the oldest (at-least 8000 years old) of all other ancient civilizations like Egypt and China.

2. It was also the largest civilization spread over an area of 1,260,000 square kilometers throughout India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Indus civilization is the largest civilization

3. They had highly skilled craftsmen with advanced tools for making sculptures made of gold, copper, bronze, lead and tin.

Highly skilled craftsmen were engaged in Indus valley civilization

4. It was the first civilization to develop and utilize Artificial Dockyards.

Indus valley civilization utilized Artificial Dockyards

5. Over 1056 cities have been discovered till today that were a part of Indus valley civilization.

Over 1056 cities were in Indus Valley civilization

6. Archaeologists found evidences of toys and games in traces along with dice cubes, which means that people of that era loved toys and games made of dice cubes.

People developed toys and games during Indus civilization

7. They created the most planned cities at that time with proper canals connecting the villages with same grid pattern in all cities and sophisticated water management systems.

Cities were planned in Indus civilization

8. Harappans had the world class sanitation system. They used flush toilets, waste water management and channeling fresh water.

Indus civilization had world class sanitation system

9. The roads connecting Mohenjo-daro and Harappa are as wide as 10.5 meters making it world class.

Roads in MohenJo daro are 10.5 metre wide

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