Principles of Religion

Facts About Meaning of Religion Everyone Should Know

We tend to relate the word “Religion” to different form of practices like Hinduism, Islam and Christianity etc. However, in actual, a person is said to be religious who follows all 10 principles in life to achieve eternal peace. These 10 principles are for all human beings and form a basis of word “Religion” which has no beginning, was not started by a particular man and will never end. As long as human beings exist, it will prevail.

1. Patience:

One should maintain ultimate patience in life whatever may be the situation. Learn to wait for any expected outcome  without experiencing anxiety, tension or frustration. Let go of the need for instant gratification.


2. Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is essential to recovery. When a deep injury is done to us, we never recover from it until we forgive. Forgiveness works directly on the emotion of anger, resentment, hostility and hatred by diminishing its level within our mind and soul. Forgiveness decreases the impact of jealousy.


3. Control over Sensory appetite:

The senses are very fast. Every one needs to have some control over the sensory appetite and its expression.

Control over Sensory appetite

4. Only take what you deserve:

Consider everyone else equally deserving. Do not take anything extra; all that is accumulated extra is theft. This is stealing from the universe and depriving others.

Only take what you deserve

5. Cleanliness of Body and Mind:

In addition to keep the body clean, one needs to learn controlling the mind movement. Whenever mind starts to divert, scold it and you will soon learn to control it.

Cleanliness of Body and Mind

6. Control over Senses:

Senses are triggered emotionally most of the times. Control over senses is must for self control. We can control our senses through persistence. Its not an art to learn overnight. One way is to practice meditation.

Control over Senses

7. Use of Intellect or Reason:

One is expected to use one’s intellect or reason to find the cause of things and use them as necessity arise.

Use of Intellect or Reason

8. Acquisition of true knowledge:

Through discrimination and wisdom, acquire true knowledge. Avoid acquiring everything that is not beneficial for your improvement. Start focusing on one source for long and observe how it changes. Start quieting the mental activity and settling the self back into its own source.

Acquisition of true knowledge

9. Speak the Truth:

There is 1 truth about anything, but people modify it in their own versions. Start speaking truth always. Just say it without looking at the consequences unless it is harmful.

Speak the Truth

10. Never get Irritated or Angry:

Under no circumstances should one act under the cover of agitation or anger as one cannot take the right decision in anger and this is to be avoided.

Never get Irritated or Angry

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