Facts About Native and Indigenous People

Surprising Facts About Native People in Different Countries

We humans are everywhere in different races based on our genetic factors. Generally, people living in hotter places tend to be darker than people living in colder regions due to heat effect on skin. But, actually that’s not true. It is because humans have migrated from one region to another region in search of habitat. This has caused to mix different races together.

Today, we at FactWish after researching a lot, have finally collected some facts and figures that signify, how indigenous/natives looked like in respective regions. Lets get started.

1. Africa:

In Africa, it is difficult to identify indigenous people. However, “Pigmy Africans” are considered as native Africans.

African natives

2. India:

Dravidians are considered as native Indians. Aryans migrated to India which were fairer than indigenous people of India and hence the present population is of mixed race.

Indian natives

3. Australia:

Native Australians are way darker than the present population of Australia. Today, they comprises of only 2.5% in Australia as a result of mass murder by European colonizers.

Australian natives

4. America:

Just 1.5% of the native Americans live in US now. European colonization resulted in brutal killing of many native Americans, as a result their population is very less in US. Today, many races of people are present in US, but because immigrants settled in US from Asia, Africa and Europe.

American natives

5. Siberia:

Similar to European colonization on Americans, Russians used methods of slaughter and alcoholism to bring the natives under control. Only few artifacts are now left, while most of them have been destroyed by Russians.

Siberian natives

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