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10 Guaranteed Facts That Will Boost Your Life

God is the ultimate creator of life, but Humans have modified the way we live it today. Modern technology and gadgets have made complex tasks easier but apart from that, it has made us lazy and irresponsible to our own life.

Today, at FactWish, we have come with short and simple things that you can add in your daily life and your future life will be boosted far better from what you live it today. Here we go.

1. Read Books:

Read books of any type. Be that as it may, just as long as they can be named beneficial. Studies shows that reading is the best habit that can improve a person’s thinking ability by providing scenarios in the virtual world.

2. Workout Consistently:

Make habit of Working Out every day, without missing a single day consistently. This not only helps you look better and toned but also helps you during episodes of physical stress and fatigue. Apart from this, it will also boost up the immune system of your body. You will be more healthy after that.

3. Use Public Transport:

This will not only save our fuel but also helps in curbing the pollution rate and thus reduce your carbon footprint. Of-course, everyone should do it. We should use public transport wherever possible or car pooling. You don’t want to leave a planet full of dirt for the next generation, do you?

4. Stop showing off on Social Media:

People feel stresses for the problems that are negligible, but seems bigger to them. Mostly youth feels stress situations when they don’t get enough likes on social media or someone got more likes than them. If you come out of this virtual reality, you will feel these things don’t matter in real life.

Sure, take pictures but live the moment, instead of clicking its photos. And please don’t post them on Facebook or Twitter. The world doesn’t need to know how awesome your life is. Showing off cannot change reality.

Note: If possible, say Good Bye to social media like Facebook and Instagram. Instead use Reddit, Quora and other stuffs. Honestly, you will save a lot of time if you do this.

5. Work hard, play hard:

Pay your 100% focus on the work you are doing now. Stop multi-tasking habits. Whatever you are doing, do it with all your heart. You will enjoy the benefits much more.

6. Keep Learning from Everyone:

Knowledge is Infinite and everywhere. Learning new stuff helps to keep your brain active and healthy. Learn from everything. Even you can learn from a criminal that, stealing money doesn’t last longer in life.

7. Cultivate a New Hobby:

Do you love painting, singing and dancing. Well, I love it too. Of-course, you cannot convert all your hobbies into your passion. But, you can improve them by practicing them regularly. Apart from them, you can pick up new hobbies. E.g. You can start Gardening the plant pots in your garden or home, Watering them, Planting new species, Learning a new language etc.

It won’t benefit you immediately, but ultimately in a long run of life.

8. Practice Public Speaking

Well, this one is very important. Studies shows that 1 out of 2 people hesitate to speak in front of everyone. The reason is simple, they never try to practice it. Public speaking is very important and to become a leader in society, you must be a great speaker. Remember any of the great leaders, they are good public speakers including Abraham Lincoln, Hitler or Barack Obama

You have no idea how often this skill will come handy.

9. Have Many Friends, But Trust Few:

You never know what someone might be thinking. Smart people have few and selective friends. Keep talking to everyone, but trust only a few.

10. Give Your Feedback to Inspire Us:

If you are reading this article, you should share it with your loving ones. It helps us to write more quality content.

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