Best Sense of Humor Conversations

10 Pictorial Facts To Prove Sense of Humor of People

People with great sense of humor respond to critical and difficult situations in creative way. It signifies the ability of a person to see things from different sides, from different angles, in different ways. That’s why creative and smart people have good sense of humor and vice versa. People often associate sense of humor with sarcasm, but they aren’t same.

Humor is an expression that is funny or comic. Sarcasm is also one such form with an intention is to deliver a punch without the receiver feeling it instantly, or make the receiver feel insulted without precisely insulting him/her.

Today, the team of FactWish is delighted to present a collection of real text conversation gems that proves good sense of humor replies. We believe you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

Sense of Humor 1

Sense of Humor 2

Sense of Humor 3

Sense of Humor 4

Sense of Humor 5

Sense of Humor 6

Sense of Humor 7

Sense of Humor 8

Sense of Humor 9

Sense of Humor 10

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