Facts on Blood Group

Interesting Facts About Blood Group You Must Know

Everyone has the same ingredients in their blood, but the proportion these ingredients differ in different people which make up different blood groups.

Blood Group (also known as Blood Type) is the division of blood based on the proportion of various antibodies and inherited antigenic substances present in Red Blood Cells (RBCs).

Broadly, Blood groups are divided into 8 different types: A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-

 Blood Group

Blood Group Chart:

Blood Group Donation

Blood Group Population:

Blood Group Population

Blood Group in Babies:

You’ll be surprised to know that the blood group of babies need not be same as their parents. It may vary based on certain characteristics. Refer the table mentioned below for more details.

Blood Group in Babies

Personality Based on Blood Group:

The blood type highly affects our behavior and personality traits. Japanese put a strong point on this matter. In Japan, the video game developers allot blood groups to different game types, so players can pick the games based on their personalities. In case, if an aggressive competitor is required, then picking a character with Type O blood is most suitable.

Blood Group A Personality Based on Blood Group A Blood Group B Personality Based on Blood Group B Blood Group AB Personality Based on Blood Group AB Blood Group O Personality Based on Blood Group O

Diet Plan Based on Blood Group:

To facilitate a balance diet for your health, you must take it based on your blood type for maximum benefits.

Diet Plan Based on Blood Group

Health Risks Based on Blood Group:

Health Risks Based on Blood Group

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