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Interesting Facts About Recycling to Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered, how much garbage do we produce in our lifetime? How much of this garbage is actually recycled? Well, there are many questions that may ever stuck in your mind. There are many facts associated with recycling. For sustainable development, we should always follow 3R’s for making our environment healthy and clean. These 3 R’s stands for Reduce, Recycle & Reuse whenever possible.

Today, at FactWish, we have come with some of the stunning facts about recycling. Lets get started.

1. More than 95% of world’s data still exists in the form of paper. Most of this data on paper is never looked again.

95% data of world is on paper

2. Switching to e-news or news apps instead of using newspapers will save tons of paper. Nearly 24 trees are cut to produce 1 ton of paper.

Nearly 24 trees are cut to produce 1 ton of paper

3. Bowls and Cans made of glass are 100% recyclable and do not react with material kept in them. On the other hand, plastic bowls and cans are non recyclable and may react poisonously with material kept in them.

Glass is better than Plastic

4. Only some materials can be recycled by decomposing within a definite time. Plastic cannot be termed as recyclable since it takes million of years to decompose.

List of materials on basis of decomposition time

5. It has been estimated by a survey that recycling and composting can produce 6 to 10 times times more jobs compared to jobs provided by waste incineration.

6. Recycling 1 Glass bottle saves enough energy that can light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.

Recycling 1 bulb can light a bulb for 4 hours

7. Germany converts almost 62% per capita waste into recycled product making it most effective recycling nation.

Germany is most recycling nation

8. Normally, 65% of the trash in dustbins can be recycled.

65% of the trash in dustbins can be recycled

9. Tons of waste disposed in oceans kills millions of lives of aquatic species. Recycling that waste can save the lives too.

Recycling can save lives of aquatic species

10. Aluminium cans if thrown without being touched will remain as it as for at-least 500 years. While recycling can convert them back into fresh cans within 2 months.

Aluminium is most recycled material

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