10 Adventures for Memorable Trip

Top 10 Facts To Ignite You For An Adventure Trip

Its really nice to go for an adventure trip. Some people just don’t even go for trip and don’t live the real life, while some know the actual fun of trip and enjoy every second of it to refresh, relax and live in the moment. We know trips are memorable, but adventurous trips are way more than normal vacation trips. Today, we’ll give you a list of 10 amazing adventures that you may try on your trip to remember the fun for life. Try atleast 3 of them whenever life gives you a chance.

1. Trekking:

Trekking is a soft adventure sport and almost anyone in a reasonable age (from 18 to 40 years) can go for it. Whenever going for trekking, start your adventure as early as possible in morning to return by sunset at any cost. If you are going for a multi-day trekking, pause during sunset to give some rest to your body and mind. You may venture into the hills with an experienced person, or go with a travel expert.

Note: Avoid trekking alone in the mountains where population is very less. Capture some guide with you.

2. Boat Rafting:

Its a water adventure to through out the fear from deep water. Just hire a rafting boat with your colleagues or mates and enjoy the memorable adventure crossing through the river flow. We guarantee it will make your journey awesome.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride:

A hot air balloon is an aircraft that rises through hot air in the sky with an envelope to carry passengers. If you have childhood height phobia, go for it and get rid of your fear.

4. Sky Diving:

Its a really adventurous sport for people who love taking risks. It involves jumping from a high point to Earth with a parachute with the aid of gravity and opening it at a certain height for safe landing. The extreme fun experience has no alternative.

5. Roller Coaster Ride:

A roller coaster is an amusement ride through an elevated railroad track that involves twisted turns, sharp slopes and inversions. It will give you fun of highs and lows, ups and downs, fasts and slows on a railroad track much like a open train. Go for it for a combined adventure of height, speed and inversions.

6. Scuba Diving:

Scuba means an underwater breathing apparatus. It is a form of deep underwater diving adventure where the diver using a scuba independent of surface oxygen supply go for fun in the aqua life of flora and fauna for a memorable journey of life.

7. Wingsuit Flying:

Wingsuit flying (or wingsuiting) is an adventurous and risky sport in which the rider glides through the air from a high mountain towards the surface. The wingsuits designed reduce the flow of gravity on the rider so that he may fly like a bird for some time using the flow of air. Riders need to practice a lot for such type of adventure and newbies should not try this first.

8. Rock Climbing:

This is one of the hardest adventure in which the participant has to climb up and down the natural rock formations from the base focusing the entire body weight on the shoulders. Seriously, this is not for everyone. Only hard champions are successful in it.


9. Hang gliding:

It is an air adventure sport in which the pilot flies an arrow like aircraft lighter than air without a motor engine called Hang Glider. The pilot must know load balancing according to the air flow for long time flight.

10. Safari Ride:

It is an adventure by riding through the forests and exotic species. It generally takes 2 to 4 hour for a complete trip but gives a memorable life experience. One major advantage of this adventure is that it can be done by people of all ages in a group.

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