Amazing facts about Dreams

10 Brilliant Facts About Dreams That Will Blow Your Mind

We all are familiar with dreaming because we dream whenever we sleep. Dreams are like souls to sleep and thus play a very important role in our lifestyle. Go through this link to know more about why we dream, how they occur, why we forget them and how to recall them? Here, we would be describing some amazing facts related to dreams, so lets get started.

1. We forget 90% of our Dreams:

Yes, you heard it right. We forget about 90% what we saw last night in dreams. There’s a period utmost to the amount you can recollect about your dreams that too in 5 minutes of your wake up time. For more clarification, visit the link mentioned above.

We forget 90% of our Dreams

2. Animals Also Dream:

Similar to humans, animals of different kind also dream. Studies have been done on a wide range of creatures, and they all demonstrate a similar mind waves amid envisioning rest as humans. E.g. Dogs sometimes moves their paws while dreaming as if they are chasing someone.

Animals also Dream

3. Blinds Dream in Black and White:

People who were born normal but became blind later can see images in their dreams, but most of them dream in black and white. While who were born blind do not see images, instead they use their senses like sounds, smell and emotions to create dreams.

4. People spend 6 Years of their life in Dreaming:

An average person invests 4 to 6 years of his life dreaming.

People spend 6 Years in their Dreams

5. We can control our Dreams:

Sometimes, a person sleeping knows that he/she is dreaming. Such type of dreaming is called “Lucid Dreaming”. In such cases, the person dreaming can control the thoughts during the sleep.

We can control our Dreams

6. Babies Don’t Dream:

Babies born don’t dream until they reach up to 4 years of age mark. The reason is that their brain is not that developed to effectively connect thoughts collected at that time.

Babies Don't Dream

7. There is not a single person who hasn’t dreamt:

There is not even a single person ever born on this planet above 4 years of age, who has never encountered dreaming in his/her life. Even patients with sleeping disorders also dream, but comparatively lesser than other people.

There is not a single person who hasn't dreamt

8. Dreams occur due to Sub-Conscious Mind:

We encounter with our dreams, when our sub-conscious mind is highly active. If we had only conscious mind, we wold never see them. It is because, the subconscious mind acts as an information collector of everything we face in our lives and then connect and relate them to each other.

Dreams occur due to Sub-Conscious Mind

9. Body gets paralysed while Dreaming:

This might be known to you before. When we go to REM cycle which is the deepest phase of our sleep, we start dreaming and this is the time when our body stop its functioning organs to give them a rest, and thus entire body is paralysed expect our subconscious mind.

Body gets paralysed while Dreaming

10. Men and Women dream differently:

On an average, 70% people are men in men’s dreams. On the other hand, women dream equally about men and women.

Men and Women dream differently

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