Amazing facts about Space

10 Interesting Facts About Space

Our Universe is too large to understand. Its true that we have discovered more about Space than Deep Oceans, but still there are enormous mysteries that are waiting to be unfolded. Scientists have only discovered Universe up to an extent of 0.0000000054%. Let’s discuss some facts about Space at FactWish.

1. There are thousands of more planets like Earth:

There are 8 planets in our solar system. But, moving ahead from solar system, scientist discovered that there can be millions or billions of such planets that exists in the Universe. It is predicted that there can be thousands of planets in different solar systems that may have similar ecosystem and vegetation similar to our planet Earth.

Many planets like Earth

2. Our Sun is so large that 1 Million Earths can fit inside it:

The surface area of sun is too large that about one million earths can be fitted inside it.

Sun can fit 1 million earths in it

3. Astronauts grow Taller in space:

In space gravity is 0. Hence, there is no pressure on the spinal cord which straightens it. In fact, astronauts grow up to 5 cm in space.

Astronauts grow taller in space

4. In Space, two metals weld together:

Yes! You heard it right. In space, oxygen is absent, so the metals which comes in contact to one another sticks to tight to each other. This process is called Cold Welding. On earth, it is used in some manufacturing processes. Astronauts are protected by an Oxide layer to prevent cold welding.

5. On Space Station, Urine is converted into Water:

On the international space station, the urine of astronauts in passed to a special water treatment plant which then converts it into drinkable water.

Urine filtered into drinkable water

6. Great Wall of China is Not Visible from Space:

The Great Wall of China was a hoax to be visible from space. However, something about China is visible from space, we call it China’s Heavy Air Pollution.

China Pollution visible from space

7. Earth was born from Gas:

Millions of years ago, the disk of gases of the newly sun and dust particles were collided with each other repeatedly forming a ball like structure, called Earth.

Earth was born from Gas

8. The most expensive object ever built is the International Space Station:

International Space Station is the world’s most expensive object ever made by humans with an estimated cost of $150 Billion US currency.

International Space Station

9. US once blew up most powerful bomb in Space:

In 1962, US forces blasted off a hydrogen bomb in space which was 100 times more powerful than of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs. If it was blasted on earth, it could have destroyed entire Europe and Africa combined.

US Hydrogen Bomb 100 times powerful than Hiroshima

10. Highest mountain researched till now is 25000 km High:

The highest mountain ever recorded by man is 25 KM (15 Miles)High known as Olympus Mons, which is located on Mars and is 3 times higher than Mt. Everest.

Olympus Mons

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