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Mind Blowing Facts That Are Actually Myths

You are here to read unique and true content. That’s why we are here to serve you better in quality. We researched on some topics and then concluded that they were actually just myths. Today, we are gonna discuss about those facts that are actually myths created by perception or common sense of people and the actual fact behind them.

1. Myth: Different regions of our tongue sense different tastes.
    Fact: Every region of our tongue can sense all types of taste. Although, certain parts are more sensitive to certain tastes.

All regions of Tongue taste same

2. Myth: More vitamin means better health.
    Fact: Vitamins help in regulating metabolic functions in our body. But, excessive vitamin is more harmful than vitamin deficiency.

Excess Vitamins are harmful

3. Myth: Shaving makes your Hair thicker.
    Fact: Shaving has nothing to do with hair thickness. Thickness of body hair increases with the age. After shaving, hair have dulled tip which seem rigid to bend.

Shaving do not thickens hair

4. Myth: Thunderbolt never strikes the same place twice.
    Fact: Chances of thunderbolt at the same place increases if it happened before. All tall structures are more prone to hit thunderbolt again and again. For example, the empire state building gets hit 100 times a year.

Thunderbolt can strike again and again

5. Myth: Microwave oven radiation can cause Cancer.
    Fact: Microwave ovens don’t emit enough energy which could damage the DNA of body cells.

Microwave do not cause cancer

6. Myth: Bulls get attracted by Red color.
    Fact: Bulls are color blind. They see only in Blue and Yellow color. Bulls are irritated not by the red cape but  by the cape’s movement as the matador whips it around.

Bulls are color blind

7. Myth: Tomatoes are Vegetables.
    Fact: Tomatoes belong to the fruit family.

Tomatoes are fruit

8. Myth: Healthy Teeth must be perfectly white.
    Fact: Naturally healthy teeth are slightly yellowish.

Healthy teeth are slightly yellow

9. Myth: Coffee is harmful for your Heart.
    Fact: Research proves that the risk of heart diseases in coffee lovers is 25% lower than other people.

Coffee is healthy for heart

10. Myth: Only 10% of our Brain is used by us.
      Fact: The proportion of our brain use at a time is task dependent. But ultimately, every region of our brain is used almost every day.

We use our entire brain

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