Pictorial Facts About World’s Most Decorated Currency Notes

The world is loaded with nations and mainlands. Every nation has its own cash framework. Today, FactWish has gathered the world’s most designed monetary forms called currencies utilized up until now.

1. Zambia (Currency: Zambian kwacha)

2. South Africa (Rand)

3. Fiji (Fiji Dollar)

4. France (French Polynesia)

5. Papua New Guinea

6. Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan Rupees)

7. Cook Islands (Dollar)

8. Hong Kong (Hong Kong dollar)

9. Comoros (Franc)

10. UAE (Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham)

11. Oman (Currency: Omani rial)

12. Nepal (Currency: Nepalese rupee)

13. Kazhakistan (Currency: Kazakhstani tenge)

14. Egypt (Currency: Egyptian Pound)

15. China (Currency: Renminbi)

16. Qatar (Currency: Qatari riyal)

17. Romania (Currency: Romanian leu)


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