World's Fastest Trains

Top Facts About 5 Fastest Trains In The World

Train network is the major source of transportation in a country. It is a life line of transportation especially for an average middle class person since it is affordable and timely in nature. Today, we have collected a list of Top 5 fastest trains in the world that moves near to speed of sound. Here we go.

1. Alstom Euroduplex with 198.8 mph, France: (320 kmph)

The euroduplex trains are the modernized version of TGV Duplex semi-high speed trains. They are operated by railway corporation of France named SNCF. These are double decker trains that connects cities of France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. It is capable of carrying 1030 passengers at a time. Euroduplex service was opened in December 2011.

2. Shinkansen Hayabusa with 200 mph, Japan: (322 kmph)

The Shinkansen Hayabusa also called “Peregrine falcon” is a high-speed train managed by Japan’s two leading railways corporations namely, JR East and JR Hokaiddo. It operated on routes between Tokyo and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto in Japan. It was inaugurated in March 2016.

3. Talgo 350 with 217.4 mph, Spain: (350 kmph)

Talgo train is the fastest train of Spain maintained by native company Talgo. It connects two leading cities Barcelona to Madrid of Spain. I is designed in such a way to handle jerks in order to avoid derailment. Is is also called “Pato” in Spanish, which means duck like front shape. Each passenger block consist of supreme quality services from Internet, TV to Radio stations. It consists of 4 classes – First Class, Club Class, Bistro Class and Coach Class.

 4. AGV Italo with 223.6 mph, Italy: (360 kmph)

AGV Italo is the fastest train of entire Europe. This train runs in Italy but built by a french manufacturing company, Alstom. AVG Italo was signalled for its service in April 2007. It connects two Italian cities, Rome and Naples. It is maintained by an Italian corporation, Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV). This train has an eco-friendly structure with 90% of its constructing parts are completely recyclable. It consists of 3 classes – Club, Prima and Smart.

5. Shanghai Maglev with 267.8 mph, China: (431 kmph)

Maglev train of China is the world’s fastest train controlled by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. (SMTDC). It uses magnetic levitation line for its running purpose. Maglev is an acronym for magnetic levitation which means suspension or floating of an object using the magnetic field.

Maglev has no operating wheels. It uses magnetic field existing between the train and track to float on track, unlike regular trains. Siemens and ThyssenKrupp companies developed Shanghai Maglev and its commercial use begin on April 2004. It runs on a 31km line ranging from Longyang Road Station to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

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