Top Mind Blowing Tech Facts

10 Mind Blowing Random Facts About Technology

Technology is changing day by day, from mobiles to satellites. Our attachment to modern gadgets and digital devices have cultivated some genuine facts that shows similarity in all of us. We at FactWish, have collected the best of Tech Facts mentioned below.

1. Google release 200 tons of CO2 by handling 1 Billion search queries per day.

Google releases 200 tons CO2

2. The first computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963 was made of a hard wooden shell and 2 clunky metal wheels.

First computer mouse

3. On an average, 90% of the text messages are read by people within 3 minutes of getting delivered.

Messages are read within 3 minutes

4. In UK, there is a Bus Service fueled by converted sewage and food waste (called poop).

UK Bus fueled by Poop

5. In May 2014, Pizza delivery was done ever for first time using a Drone in Mumbai, India.

Drone Pizza Delivery

6. There is a refrigerator that opens when you give a smile, developed by Sony.

Refrigerator opened with a smile

7. A small Airplane can also fly in backward direction.

Small planes can fly backward

8. It requires 6 months to design a “Rolls Royce” and just 13 hours to build a “Toyota”.

Rolls Royce takes 6 month to build

9. The cigarette lighter was invented before the matchbox.

Lighters invented before matchsticks

10. The 1st Hard drive was built by IBM in September 1956 which weighed over a ton with a storage capacity of 5 MB data.

 First Hard Drive by IBM

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