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15 Amazing Facts About Internet

Internet is not more than 25 years, but in last few decade it is increasing at a very sharp rate due to recent advancement in technology and easier accessibility to Internet through modern smart phones and tablets at lower data rates. However, we have come with some unique and less known facts about Internet that very few people know. We’re sure that most of them are unknown to you.

1. Internet was initially called “ARPANET” (Advanced Research Projects Administration Network) funded by DARPA.

First Internet

2.  There are almost 3.811 billion active Internet users worldwide accounting to 47% of the world’s population.

3.811 Internet users

3. Majority of Internet traffic comes from Asian countries including India, China, Japan and Singapore.

Most Traffic comes from Asian Countries

4. Unfortunately, out of total Internet traffic generated, almost 65% traffic is generated by Bots.

Bots comprises the major Internet traffic

5. The term “Surfing the Internet” was coined by  a New York librarian named as Jean Armour Polly in 1992.

Surfing the Internet

6. By year 2020, there will be 50 Billion Internet connected devices used by 7.8 Billion people.

Devices connected to Internet

7. The average person now spends about 3.5 Hours on Internet per day, mostly on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Daily average time spent on Internet

8. China is the leading Internet user with 772,000,000 Internet users, followed by India and USA.

China has the leading number of active Internet users

9. Nearly 30000 websites are hacked everyday on Internet on average.

30000 websites hacked everyday

10. By 2014, there were 1 Billion websites hosted on Internet. Almost 7 websites are launched every second on Internet.

1 Billion websites on Internet by 2014

11. Nearly 225 Billion Emails are sent everyday in which only 19% emails are sent by Humans, remaining 81% are sent by automatic Bots for promotions and spamming.

12. The online adult industry makes nearly $3000 per second. Sunday is the most profitable day.

13. It took just 4 years for Internet to reach first 50 million users faster compared to Radio (38 years) and Television (13 years).

14. Only 7 people are assigned Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who control the entire Internet worldwide.

7 people control Internet

15. We have access to only 4% of Internet content. Remaining 96% content is accessible through Deep web.

Deep web accounts 96% Internet

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