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Facts That Prove Why Mobile Phones Are Addictive

We live in a world, where everything is electronic. Even you’ll be surprised that there are more mobile phones than toilets. On an average, every individual has 1 or more mobile phones. The mobile era is changing very fast. Day by day, mobiles are getting faster and diversified in features.

10 Years ago, PCs were the masters and mobiles were in their initial stage and now, you can observe the sudden change. The current blast of iPhones, Androids, and different smartphones has given individuals the capacity to get access to the world of the Web at any given time and anywhere.

Well, we would be discussing the mobile facts in another article, but here we’ll be discussing the fact that makes Mobiles Phones so Addictive.

Why Smart Phones are Addictive?

A neurotransmitter in your Brain Called Dopamine is the cause of your cell phone or smart phone addiction. Dopamine a “feel good chemical” is a neurotransmitter in our brain which although critical for more mental and physical functions plays an important role is reward seeking behaviour. Dopamine motivates you to seek pleasure giving rewards like food, sex and some cases drugs. When you are experiencing something new or most importantly, anticipating something new dopamine levels rise motivating you further.

Actually, smart phones are not addictive. It is the functions they support, which are addictive. Almost all phones provides hand to hand access to social networking sites including Facebook and Instagram which play a game of race to get more and more likes on profile pictures. Apart from them, lots of games and apps are freely available on app stores, which makes the addiction to phones even more stronger. Vines and Fun videos on YouTube also play a major role in additive nature of mobile phones now a days. All these features make a mobile additive since they all are responsible for releasing dopamine in brain.

In the event that you are as yet not persuaded that mobile phone habit is as genuine and is at a disturbing rate, think about these insights:

  • 71% of individuals lay down with their mobile phones close by.
  • There are 35% of individuals who think about their mobile phones the minute they wake up and just around 10% of individuals think about other work.
  • As high as 44% of 18-24 year-old youth sleep with their smartphone hold down in their hands.
  • More than 40% of mobile users never isolate themselves from their phones, not even when they are gone for vacations.
  • 50% people believe they cannot go anywhere without carrying their phones with them.

Smart Phone Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Phone Addiction:

  1. Checking notification in phone atleast once every hour.
  2. Irritability, Panic or Anger when phone battery is low or network is unreachable.
  3. Using your phone while waking up or right before sleeping.
  4. Sleeping with smartphone on or under the pillow.
  5. Using smartphone while having the meal.
  6. Believes the  smartphone might have rung or vibrated while it has not.
  7. Other people complain about your use of cellphone.

Consequences of Smartphone addiction

Affect of Cellphones on Teenagers and Adolescents: 

Teens are the most vulnerable to develop a smartphone addiction, not because they are young, but they want themselves to be like all others. The Human brain is not full developed until 25 years of age. Early excessive usage of smartphone can create a negative impact on growth of brain especially for people who are less than 25 years old. Overuse of smartphone makes teens and early adolescents irritable and anxious for even small causes. Thus, they fail to take major and critical decision of life as this habit grows further with age. Addiction to mobile phone is not visible to people, but can create extremely dangerous consequences afterwards. Some hard consequences of phone addiction on teens are:

  1. Thinking capability of Brain tends to reduce with time.
  2. Extreme Head Ache and Sleeplessness.
  3. Teens may experience isolation to social interaction with people and relatives.
  4. Radiation of Phones in excessive use can affect functioning of heart and brain, and in extreme cases can cause cancer.

Teenage addiction to Smartphones

Consequences of Mobile Addiction on Health: 

  • Back and Neck Problem: Many people use their mobile phone more than half an hour continuously in same position of body which causes severe pain in neck and backbone. Continuous hunching and bending can cause permanent disorder of the bones.
  • Anxiety and Depression: Northwestern University concluded that the more time you spend on using your phone, the more likely you will feel depressed and burdened. After every notification, you stop whatever work you are in, and get distracted to your phone(as Dopamine released in brain). Multiple times in a day, this can lead to anxiety or tension since, you may lose what you were doing actually.
  • Indigestion: Using your phone for long time can make you site for long hours in same position. It can cause indigestion to your body and you may attract lots of serious health problems and diseases. On an average, people addictive to phones are rarely fit.
  • Sleep Disorder: Many people use their phone in dark in late night. The higher contrast of phone can damage your eyes. Apart from that, you may even give a signal to your brain that you don’t wanna sleep now. You sleep routine will get disturbed and you may feel sleep disorder.
  • Reduced Productivity: Studies show that our brain is made to accomplish one task at a time. Doing multitasks can reduce our productivity. People who use phone often check notification in between their work, and then they realize they wasted a lot of time with their phone instead of completing their pending work.
  • Eye Sight and Hearing Problems: Scrolling through your phone for long hours will cause the blue light emission of your phone to damage your retina. It can cause muscular degeneration and loss of vision. Apart from that plugging your Headphones for long can reduce the hearing capability of ears, causing hearing issue.
  • Smartphones are New Cegarettes:  Mobile Phones these days emit radiations which are so dangerous to our health that they can cause Cancer. You must always check the SAR – Specific Absorption Rate Value of mobile phones before buying. Specific Absorption Rate is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by human body when it is exposed to a Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field.

Side effects of Smartphones

Treatment of Cell Phone Addiction:

  • If possible, replace Smartphone with a basic Feature Phone.
  • If not, then remove all unnecessary apps and games from your phone.
  • Remove all social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook to isolate from the virtual world.
  • Avoid using your phone while waking up and sleeping hours. Studies shows that first 60 minutes and last 60 minutes of the day play an important role in your life. Use them for reading books, meditation, family time and exercise.
  • Schedule a time table to reply to important emails and messages.
  • Use your phone only for productive tasks like responding to urgent emails and setting reminders for tasks.
  • Don’t bring your phone to work meetings, or to class sometimes to be more attentive and productive.
  • Make a commitment to not use your phone for playing games and YouTube videos for entertainment. Instead use your PC for game playing and watch TV, if required. It is required so that you can break the bad habit of using your phone all the time.
  • Reward yourself on the day when you did’t use your phone.
  • Develop a new productive habit instead of using phone like interacting with friends and people or reading books.

Treatment of Addiction of Smartphones

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