Food Stuff Buying in 1 Dollar

Facts About Food Items You Can Buy With 1 Dollar Around The World

We know currencies differ in different countries with different purchasing power. But, what if you have only 1$ in your pocket and you are free to purchase anything anywhere around the world. We at FactWish, did a survey on people around the world and concluded some interesting facts. So, you can buy following food items, if you have 1$ in your pocket among the following countries.

1. NEPAL: Dumpling of 10 Momos / 250 ML Coke

Dumpling of 10 Momos / 250 ML Coke

2. ITALY: 1 Litre of Cheap Wine / 1 Plate Spaghetti

1 Plate Spaghetti

3. MALAYSIA: A Dozen Eggs

A Dozen Eggs

4. UAE: A ‘Jabal Al Noor’  Shawarma

A ‘Jabal Al Noor’ Shawarma

5. UK: A Loaf of Bread

A Loaf of Bread

6. HONG KONG: A Can of Coke

A Can of Coke

7. NORTH KOREA: A Bottle of Milk

A Bottle of Milk

8. SHANGHAI: 8 Dumplings of Momos from Food Stand

8 Dumplings of Momos from Food Stand

9. SOUTH AFRICA: 2 McDonald’s Cheese Burgers

10. SOUTH INDIA: Rice/Dosa with Sambhar, Curd, Papad, 1 piece sweet on a Banana Leaf

South India Dish in 1 Dollar

11. NORTH INDIA: Chapati with Curry/Pulse with Mix Vegetable and Papad

North India Dish in 1 Dollar

12. FRANCE: 1 Baguatte

1 Baguatte in one dollar

13. POLAND: A Bar Shot

A single bar shot

14. CANADA: Just a Cabbage

1 Cabbage

15. RUSSIA: 2 KG of Potatoes

2 KG of Potatoes

16. EGYPT: 1 Plate KOSHARI Rice (Traditional Dish)

1 Plate KOSHARI Rice

17. USA: A Slice of Pizza

A Slice of Pizza

18. JAPAN: A Chocolate Bar

A Chocolate Bar

19. INDONESIA: 1 Plate Bubur Ayam

1 Plate Bubur Ayam

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