Mind Blowing Facts about China

Mind Blowing Facts About China

We all know China is the most populated country in the world (almost 4 times of US), but its diversity and unique culture makes it one of the advanced civilizations in the world. Today at FactWish, we’ll be describing some of the amazing facts about China that you probably have not heard before. So, lets get started.

1. Using PlayStation in China is Illegal.

Play Station banned in China

2. In China, male population is very high. It is estimated that by 2020, China could have 30-40 million men without wives.

China has higher ratio of males to female

3. On an average, a new Skyscraper is built in China in every 5 days.

Skyscrapers every 5 days in China

4. In China, the word “Censorship” is banned.

Censorship word is censored in China

5. In 2010, China had one of the world’s largest traffic jam that lasted for nearly 12 days and spanned across 62 miles.

China has largest traffic jam in 2010

6. Even for Internet addicts, Chinese government provided treatment camps.

Chinese government give treatment to Internet addicts

7. China has largest standing army and second-largest defense budget in the world after US.

Largest Army in world

8. On an estimate, about 100 million people in China live on less than US$1 everyday.

People live in 1$ in China

9. The largest record of giving Death Penalty to its prisoners is given to China. China executes death punishment to people 4 times the rest of the world combined.

China ahead in death penalty

10. The Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 15 days. Too many holidays, isn’t it guys?

China Lunar New Year

11. Mandarin, a Chinese language is the most spoken spoken language in the world.

Mandarin has largest speakers

12. Almost half of the entire population of pigs live in China.

Half of pigs live in China

13. World’s largest exporter and second-largest importer of goods is China.

China is largest exporter of goods

14. Due to the roots to its ancient culture, almost 35 million people in China still prefer to live in cage.

35 million people in China live in cages

15. In several parts of China, the sunrise can be as late as 10 AM. The reason is that, Chinese government has combined its 5 time-zones into single one.

Sunrise can be at 10 am in China

16. Every 30 seconds, a baby born in China has a birth defect.

Child born in china is defective in every 30 seconds

17. They have a so Big Dam that slowed down the Earth’s Rotation.

18. In parts of China such as Shanghai, books are sold based on their weight instead on basis of their author and popularity specification.

19. 71% people in China agree that they measure success by the things they own, making it world’s most materialistic country.

China most materialistic country

20. 90% cities in China have contaminated ground water.

90% cities in China have pollute water

21. In 2014, China defeated US to become the largest economy in the world.

China became largest economy in the world

22. All Pandas in the world are taken on loan from China.

Pandas loaned from china

23. Facebook had 95% users in China before getting blocked.

Facebook Banned in China

24. In China, there is an “Elderly Rights” law making it compulsory for everyone to visit their parents regularly who are elder than 60 years of age.

Elderly Rights law in China

25. China government owns a company which produces largest supplies largest number of cigarettes to rest of the world.

China largest cigarettes supplier country

26. China has the maximum number of skyscrapers in the world.

China has maximum skyscrapers in the world

27. Students in China can get imprisonment of 7 years for cheating in exams.

Student jailed in China for cheating

28. Around 1 million people in Beijing live in underground basements and air raid shelters.

People living in basements in Beijing

29. China gets a new Billionaire every week.

China gets billionaire every week

30. In ancient China, Chinese paper was used, which was so long lasting that it could be used for clothing and even as body armour by militants.
 Chinese paper used in armours
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