10 Super Humans that actually exists

Mind Blowing Facts About Humans With Super Powers

We all are familiar with superheroes through comics and movies. We always think that people with extra capabilities only exists in theaters. Well, that’s wrong. The world population is more than 7 Billion. All human beings are not same. There are certain people who have got some extra ordinary capabilities in them that make them superhuman. You guessed it right. Today, we at FactWish, have come with 10 super-humans with some incredible abilities that have wowed people over the years. Let’s get started.

1. The Iceman:

Also known by name “The Iceman”, Wim Hof is the only human with an ability to live without clothes in extreme freezing winter that too in ice cubes for more than 6 hours. This superhuman can withstand extremely cold winters in which a normal human being will die within an hour.

2. Mr. Eat All – Man who can eat everything:

Michel Lotito, a french entertainer, had got an extremely rare ability to digest everything including glass pieces, steel rods, copper wires and much more. His biggest stunt of all came in 1980, when he successfully finished eating a Cessna 150 plane – which took him two years. He passed away in 2007 due to some natural causes.

3. The Rubberboy:

Known as the ‘The Rubberboy’, this American actor can twist his arms and back more than 90 degrees. He can even fit himself in a small box by twisting himself like a rubber. He is the most flexible person in this world.

4. The Super Samurai:

Isao Machii from Japan is a martial arts expert with some uncommon vision preparing powers. His reflexes are obviously so amazing that he can even cut a BB-weapon projectile shot towards him at an incredible 158.29 kilometers for every hour (98.36 miles for every hour) with a sword.

5. The Elastic Man:

We’ve met Rubber man, yet this is the most elastic person. Garry can control his skin to such an extent, to the point that he can serve drinks on a plate exclusively produced using his extended skin. This condition is because of a specific amount of collagen introduce in the body.

6. The Human Calculator:

Shakuntala Devi, an Indian author had the ability to perform mental computations so precisely that even a few PCs couldn’t stay aware of her speed and exactness. She won a Guinness record in 1982. She could calculate the values seconds before man with a calculator can perform.

7. Man who can talk with Animals:

Kevin Richardson can converse with different creatures, chiefly the most hazardous ones. Kevin plays, dozes and hangs out day by day with lions, hyenas and tigers.

8. The Magnet Man:

Liew is referred to the world over as the ‘Magnet Man’. He has the ability to magnetize objects with under 40 kg with his body. In truth, Liew has a solid attractive field encompassing him that creates a suction impact. The same ability is also inherited in his sons as well.

9. The Human Resistance to Electricity:

A tenth of an amp is sufficient to kill a ordinary person, yet Raj Mohan Nair is definitely not normal. This human resistor can withstand a few amps of power going through his body without torment any substantial damage. His body is more than 10 times more current resistant than that of a normal human. He can even cook omelette through power going through his body.

10. X-Ray Visioned Human:

Natasha Demkina has an x-ray vision since she was ten years of age. It has been said that she can see through muscles and can watch bones of people with the stripped/naked eyes.

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